Each business is faced with unique challenges in their daily operations that require particular assessment and solution suitable for its Credit and Debt Management Process/ Policy. We will re-examine and analyze your credit policy, credit application/ appraisal forms and rectify any possible loopholes.


  • To specifically address the unique challenges in a particular industry.
  • To attend to the peculiar issues affecting some businesses.
  • Offer appropriate recovery strategies depending on nature of business and clientele.
  • To assist top management through supervision of collection team.
  • Helps to concentrate only on identified cases and streamline them accordingly.
  • Is cost effective and save s a lot of time as meeting is incorporated.
  • To establish an appropriate credit or debt collection policy for the organization.


Debt Collection Centre will identify the problem, assess the success/ weaknesses of the team or system, discuss the debt portfolio, roles of each collector and then recommend a practical way forward. An effective follow up program is mounted on the collectors while in the field and advice is offered accordingly to cases that may arise.

Business Advisory Services.
Due to time constraints and work load we do understand the need to be flexible hence we are able to meet the collection or management team at their regular meetings and only key cases are brought out that need our expertise. Our role is to establish the causes and challenges pertaining to those identified accounts or debtors. Once completed, we will collate the results and provide a report with detailed recommendations on any areas identified for improvement.

Writing Credit Policy - Collection Policy.

We know that any person or business can improve their cash flow and their profitability by making some basic changes to the way they do things, changing how they interact with their customers and how they collect their money.
We assist organizations that are start-ups or already in business to write or audit their credit, collection policy, identify the current internal controls and control standards including other risks associated with managing accounts receivable and procedure documents.

We have studied the debtor/creditor relationship and the credit policies of successful and unsuccessful businesses.

Credit & Collection Consulting.

With a client-focused approach Debt collection Centre provides credit consulting services to organizations in a variety of industries. We employ leading industry methodologies to customize our solutions in order to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. We collaborate with our customers to deliver tangible business solutions that reduce credit risk, minimize bad debt write-offs, impact cash flow & consequently help improve the company‚Äôs overall performance.


  • Saves time and other costs.
  • Builds capacity of weak collectors.
  • Information sharing about bad payers in the same industry is beneficial.
  • Improves collections and working relationship of the collection team.

Expected outcomes.

  • Better skills in handling hard and difficult cases.
  • Improved reporting on different cases as they arise.
  • Collectors learn practical in field collection skills


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