Debt Collection Centre designs specific and unique customer care programs for your organization to enable the collection team attain a revenue client compliance system. This collection oriented customer care package has been drawn from a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years both locally and internationally with proven amazing results. The program enhances relationship between your team and the payers, improves compliance amongst customers and reduces occurrences of bad debts.


  • To ease collection processes.
  • To respond to clients and keep in touch at all times,
  • To encourage compliance amongst debtors.
  • To instill customer care practices in all employees and avoid the usual isolation.


  • Enhances information flow between creditor and debtors.
  • Improves teamwork amongst other departments.
  • Improves image of organization.
  • It reminds debtor that you care.
  • Encourages non payers to start paying.
  • Brings unity and cooperation.

Expected Outcomes.

  • Continuous customer service in all departments.
  • Improved compliance and payments.
  • Better public relations.


  • We will examine your clientele base and nature of business, determine the frequency and type of package   and carry out an experimental exercise beneficial to your clients


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