Has it ever occurred to you that before the customer accesses your goods or services both are interested - he in your service or goods and you in his money, but once served he is no more interested. It's only you (for your money!) In most cases, clients pay after the agreed time frame (Grace Period) causing the various invoice amounts to start accumulating arrears considerably with a possibility of bad debts, eventually affecting cash flow.

When your debtors fail to make the promised payments on time, then in turn you also fail to meet your pressing financial obligations like bills, salaries, rent or stock that you need to keep your business going.

Why Choose Us:-

  • We manage both the debt and debtor unlike traditional collectors who deal only with the debt.
  • We act as intermediaries or mediators between the debtor, creditor and customer in order to recover.
  • We handle collection as a debt management process and not just a one stage off business.
  • Our expertise team also offers technical advice to management regarding their debt portfolios.
  • We also establish effective strategies and recommend way forward.
  • We understand the international ethical code of conduct for best collection practices governed worldwide by professional collectors.
  • We treat all debtors as customers to our clients since we appreciate the stiff business environment.
  • We improve the credit handling process of our clients.
  • Our network and affiliation helps our collection team keep abrase

Any Organization, Company, Association or Business can have the finest product and the most dedicated workforce, but if it does not get its revenues paid (... and on time!) it will die. The effect of bad debt or arrears can lead to massive cash flow constraints hence effective collection and management of debtors are important and vital factors that decide the fate of any business or closure.

Until You Collect The Money That Is Owed To You, All You Have Is Cost!


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